Port-Louis Harbour


Location: Southern Africa, Island in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar
Geographic co-ordinates: 20 17 S, 57 33 E
Area: 2040 sq km; land 2030 sq km; water 10 sq km; includes Agalega Islands, Cargados Carajos Shoals (St Brandon) and Rodrigues
Maritime claims:
  • Territorial sea
  • EEZ
  • Continental shelf
Measured from claimed archipelagic straight baselines
12 nm
200 nm
200 nm or to the edge of the continental margin

Mauritian Flag: flag

About Mauritius

Mauritius is situated in the south-west of the Indian Ocean, 2 000 km from the east coast of Africa. The island lies just within the Tropic of Capricorn 20° south of the Equator and 57° east of Greenwich. It is of volcanic origin and forms part of the group of islands commonly known as the Mascarenes, which comprise also the Reunion Island and Rodrigues Island.
The island of Mauritius which has an area of 1 864 sq. km is almost entirely surrounded by coral reefs. Within those reefs are peaceful lagoons, ringed by smooth beaches of white coral sand. There is a break in the coral reef only in the south where part of the coast is steep and rocky.
Mauritius has a maritime climate, tropical during summer and sub-tropical during winter. The summer months extend from October to March and winter from June to September.

Mauritius Ports Authority

Time line

1980-1990 Transformation of Port-Louis from a lighterage port to new one with deep water alongside facilities
1990-2000 Major historical phase of port development; erecting of the Mauritius Container Terminal (MCT)
2000-2001 Port-Louis Harbour recorded growth in transhipment traffic
2010 The Mauritius Ports Authority was handed the coveted for ‘Most Improved Cruise Terminal Facility’ at the 26th Annual Cruise Shipping Miami conference and Exhibition
2011 The Mauritius Ports Authority was awarded ‘The Indian Ocean’s Leading Cruise Port 2011

Port Services


  • Compulsory for all vessels over 100 GRT
  • Round the clock service on request, with exception to white oil and LPG tankers which are berthed between sunrise and sunset

Navigational Aids

  • Automated lighthouses and navigational lights are situated at various locations in Mauritius, Rodrigues and on Flat Island to facilitate navigation

Port Louis Harbour Radio

  • Port Louis Harbour Radio (call sign 3BB) is the official coast radio for radio communications, manned round the clock throughout the year.

Port Emergency and Environment Unit

  • Fire-watch during unloading of white oil products and other dangerous goods
  • Trained personnel operating on a 24-hour basis
  • Also equipped with anti-pollution equipment

Outer Anchorage

  • Safe anchorage is available outside the harbour limits in depths varying from 14 metres to 70 metres.


  • Lloyd's Registered Surveyors are available for marine and cargo surveys.

Cargo Handling

  • Cargo handling services are provided by the Cargo Handling Corporation Ltd (CHCL)

Port Security

  • Port Louis Harbour is ISPS compliant since 1 July 2004
  • The port area is secured by a perimeter fencing system
  • Access control at various gate posts
  • CCTV control system (103 cameras), covering the perimeter, the harbour and other
  • sensitive areas around the clock
  • Security officers work round the clock at the various facilities
  • Access passes are issued at the Central Pass Office

Other services

Other support services provided by the port and other operators include:

  • workshop facilities,
  • garbage removal,
  • provision of fresh water supply,
  • bunkering,
  • ship repairs,
  • ship chandlers,
  • transport and logistics,
  • bulk services, cold storage,
  • warehousing,
  • Freeport facilities.
  • Underwater cleaning

Port Facilities


Quay Length (m) Dredged depth(m) Type of traffic handled
A 210 12.20  Fuel oil, Edible oil, General cargo, Maize, Molasses, Soya-bean meal, Wheat, Passengers and Inter-island trade
D 170 12.20
E 135 9 General cargo, Passengers and inter-island trade
Trou Fanfaron I 160 5.5 Fish
Trou Fanfaron II 185 6 Fish
Froid des Mascareignes 310 4.6-8.0 Fish


Quay Length (m) Dredged depth(m) Type of traffic handled
No. 1 123 13.50 Fuel oil, Coal, Fertilizers, White oil
No. 2 180 12.50 Cement, Coal, Containers, General cargo
No. 3 185 12.50 Cement, General cargo and containers
No. 4 185 12.20 General cargo, Containers, LPG, Bitumen
Bulk Sugar Terminal 210 12.50 Bulk sugar, Fuel oil
Mauritius Freeport Development 118 7.0 Fish


Quay Length (m) Dredged depth(m) Type of traffic handled
MCT 1 280 14.00 Containers
MCT 2 280 14.00 Containers

Other specifications:

  • 5 Post-Panamax Gantry cranes
  • 8 Rubber Tyred Gantries
  • Turning circle of 450m diameter
  • Storage area of 15 hectares
  • 288 reefer points
  • Annual throughput capacity: 550,000 TEUs.
  • Container Scanner


  • Alongside depth: - 16.00 m


  • A dedicated cruise jetty located at Les Salines is operational since 2009.  Statistics show that Cruise liners are showing a keen interest for the Indian Ocean destination.