Bunkering in Mauritius

Mauritius (Port-Louis) is strategically located, in the Indian Ocean, on the shipping routes linking Africa, Asia, Australia and South America. Government’s promotion of the creation of a Marine Services Platform will be centered on growing the bunkering facilities and the various economic activities that are linked to that trade such as ship chandling, repairs and maintenance of vessels, crew change and ship leasing. To promote investment in terms of bunkering and oil storage, bunker trade has been liberalised; hence lowering the price of bunker fuel at Port-Louis.

The Mauritius Ports Authority is providing incentive scheme, as far as port charges is concerned to vessel calling Port-Louis for bunkering; port charges at discounted rates with respect to duration of stay in port as illustrated in below table.

Duration of vessel’s stay

Rebates %


>0 up to 48 hours

50 % rebates on port dues and anchorage fees

The vessel would benefit from rebated scheme for her two (2) days stay. 

48 hours up to 60 hours

(3rd day of stay)

Same scheme as above for the whole three (3) days of stay

The vessel would still beneficiate from the 50% rebates for the third day provided her stay does not exceed 60 hours in total

48 hours up to 72 hours

50 % rebates on port dues and anchorage for the first two (2) days; the discount on anchorage dues for the third day would be 25%

The vessel would still benefit from 50 % rebates for the first two (2) days; but the rebate for anchorage dues for the third day would be 25 %

For a 4 days stay period

50 % rebates on port dues and anchorage being maintained for the first two days; the rebates rate on anchorage dues for the third day would be 25 %; no discount applicable as from the 4th day on anchorage dues

The vessel would start paying full rate on anchorage dues as from the 4th day of stay


Furthermore, vessels GRT has been capped to 35000 MT and pipeline dues has been waived off. This comprises a 50 % discount on port tariffs items, namely, port dues, anchorage, pilotage and tug services. In June 2013, the Port Limit was extended enabling anchorage of large vessels. The Ports Authority and all other concerned stakeholders have implemented an e-bunkering system to quicken the bunker request process.   Outward port clearance also is issued electronically; where same may be sent to Master through email – lowering cost in terms of boat hire for delivery at anchorage.  

Bunkering at Port-Louis can be carried both by barge or ex-pipe. Vessel with maximum draught of 11 metres may be accommodated to berth depending on availability of berth at time of operations. The preferred mode of delivery for big vessels is delivery by barge at anchorage. The quality of bunkers in Port Louis is consistent and of good quality. The sulphur content is 3.5% and hence is in accordance to the IMO regulations, MARPOL. Bunkering at Port-Louis is carried whole year round, WP. The table below provide details pertaining to local suppliers, available products and delivery infrastructure; quays details are provided under section ‘Harbour’ of our website.

Suppliers Available Products Barge use /Bunker Load Capacity
Indian Oil (Mauritius) Ltd VLSFO TRESTA STAR
Vivo Energy Mauritius LSMGO M/T GULF STAR 1
ENGEN VLSFO M/T ELISE                                                               M/T EMILY

As shipping agent in Mauritius, we liaise with all concerned parties - Master, local authorities, suppliers and barge operator, synchronising bunkering operations.   For bunkering at Port-Louis, anchorage, ship’s should always be within the limits of the port; outer anchorage depth range from 14 to 70 metres.  On request of our Principals, we arrange for bunker survey and despatch of bunker samples for analysis.  

Contact our operations team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. 

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